Dear Nigerians,

As a result of high cost of travel and accommodation to Nigeria High Commission – Ottawa for passport renewal and acquisition, the Executives of Nigerian Canadian Association of Saskatoon (NCAS) has decided as a priority, to facilitate bringing officials of the High Commission to Saskatoon for consular service. This service is primarily for NCAS members and their families who have paid their registration and annual dues. Non-members wishing to avail themselves of this opportunity must register for the passport exercise and pay the applicable fees.

From our estimates on the average, it will cost a family of 4 members $3,342.80 to travel by air or $2,480.00 by road to Ottawa; plus, additional expenses for accommodation and meal.

This VOLUNTARY AND OPTIONAL arrangement will safe a family of 4 members the travel cost of $3,342.80 by air or $2,480.00 by road. This is a huge savings of thousands of dollars for our community in Saskatoon and its environ.

Consequent upon the above, Nigeria High Commission officials will be coming to Saskatoon for Consular service to members of Nigerian Canadian Association of Saskatoon (NCAS) and other interested Nigerians within and outside of Saskatoon.

Date: August 25, 2017 (tentative)

Time: To be scheduled per group (s)

Venue: To be announced soon

The exercise will be on a first come first serve basis therefore, members of NCAS and interested individuals are encouraged to apply on-line as soon as possible and submit copies of their application(s) to NCAS representatives listed below. Any clarification(s) can also be made through the representatives.

All interested Nigerians whose Passport has expired or is about to expire within the next 6 months should follow the following process of application:

1. Go to Nigeria High Commission website http://www.nigeriahcottawa.ca/citizen-services/epassport-application

2. Passport application and payment are to be made through: portal.immigration.gov.ng/pages/welcome

(a) Complete e-passport application form online and submit the application (online)

(b) Print and sign 2 copies of the application form.

(c) Print out evidence of online payment upon completion of online application

(d) print acknowledgement slip

3. If for any reason, you are not able to make electronic payment via online link (innovate system). You may still be accommodated at the venue of the exercise.

4. Collate all the documents in 2b, c, d, above

5. Attach 2 recent passport photographs to each application together with other requirements stipulated at : http://www.nigeriahcottawa.ca/citizen-services/e-passport-application take note of the type of your passport application you completed and submitted online

6. Assemble the documents in 4 & 5 above in an envelope and bring them to NCAS representatives listed below; latest by Friday July 21, 2017

7. In addition to the fees payable on the Nigerian High Commission portal, the following fees shall apply per individual:

a) NCAS Members-: $50 Registration Fee $100 Administration Charges

b) Non-members-: $50 Registration Fee $150 Administration Charges

These fees are payable when applicants are presenting documents to NCAS. You can pay with a personal Cheque, bank cheque payable to Nigerian Canadian Association of Saskatoon, to NCAS bank account #76448-0039217 at any branch of Scotiabank or by email money to president@nca-saskatoon.org . A receipt will be issued to you as soon as the money is cleared to the bank account of NCAS.

8. You can make your payment in 2 stages: Complete Passport Application and pay the online Passport fees first, then after a couple of days make payment to NCAS for the Registration & Administration fee.

9. Members of NCAS are encouraged to pay their registration and annual dues before commencement of this exercise

List of NCAS representatives

Name Phone # Role

Alhaj Najeem Adekunle 306-715-1906 President

Mrs. Naomi Mela 306-716-4383 Secretary

Mr. James Obuh 306-850-5144 PRO

Dr. Lekan Oyefuga 306-313-9666 NCAS EXCO Member

Mrs. Jesephine Okwosha 306-717-1557 NCAS EXCO Member

Mr. Ismail Sa’adina 306-209-9817 NCAS EXCO Member

PLEASE NOTE: This consular service is completely VOLUNTARY and OPTIONAL.

Any individual who is not comfortable with this special arrangement are encouraged to go to Ottawa or other location(s) in Canada for renewal or acquisition of their passport.

Best regards,

For and on behalf of:

Nigerian Canadian Association of Saskatoon (NCAS)

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